Criminal Record Check

Posted April 17, 2021

Criminal Record Check

Attention All Coaches for Spring 2021 Season!

Oceanside Minor Baseball requires all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers to submit a criminal record check (CRC).

OMBA has registered with the Ministry of Justice so most CRCs can be done on line.

A CRC is required, regardless of profession.

The results of your CRC will be sent to Sheila Morrison, OMBA Risk Management Coordinator, and will be confidential.


1.     Go to the Ministry of Justice website at

2.     Enter the Oceanside Minor Baseball access code: AYV76MV9QX

3.     Fill out the on line application

4.     Note: some people will have to go to the RCMP station and submit a manual application. This occurs if your name or birthdate matches someone with a criminal record. You will be advised if you need to submit a manual application. OMBA’s ID number for manual applications is 1625218.

Please see the Ministry of Justice website for more information at:

To complete the CRC manually at the Oceanside RCMP detachment, be sure to download the Oceanside Minor Baseball letter of direction designating you as a volunteer so the CRC fee is waived.

Mailing Address: PO BOX 862, Parksville, BC  V9P 29K

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