2015 BC Baseball KidsPlay Registration Assistance Guidelines

The purpose of the BC (Minor) Baseball KidsPlay Registration Assistance Program is to do our best to ensure that no one is denied access to BC (Minor) Baseball programs due to financial restrictions. BC (Minor) Baseball has been providing youth baseball programs throughout British Columbia since 1963. 

In an attempt to be thorough and fair, when determining eligibility for KidsPlay Registration Assistance, we consider the following conditions: 

- Players ages 18 & under are eligible to apply for KidsPlay Registration Assistance. 
- Players must show a financial need for KidsPlay Registration Assistance. 
- Approved applicants are eligible to receive up to 75% of registration fees. 
- Applications must be received by April 15th 
- Applications will be reviewed in the order that they are received. 
- Incomplete applications will be returned and could cause a delay in processing. 
- First time applicants will be given preference for KidsPlay Registration Assistance. 
- If funding is not available, applicants will be notified at earliest possible time. 
- Funding is primarily for Spring Season, if funds are available we may be able to assist with Summer (All-Star) registration.


In order to receive KidsPlay Registration Assistance, the association the player is applying to play in must be a member of BC Baseball. 
- To assist in processing the application, please include either the contact information of either the President or Registrar of the association you are applying to.


- Parent/Guardian must initiate the application process on behalf of the player. 
- The Parent/Guardian is responsible for filling out sections 1 to 3.  
- It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure that the application is filled out as complete as possible.

Income Verification 
In order for an application to be considered, BC (Minor) Baseball requires a reference to confirm the need for KidsPlay Registration Assistance. We need a third-party to verify that without KidsPlay Registration Assistance would NOT be able to participate in the season of baseball. 

- This reference should be an objective third-party, preferably a professional who is in a position to verify the player’s financial need for assistance (Such as a Social Worker, Principal, Counselor, Law Enforcement Officer, Doctor, Pastor, etc.) - If none of the above are available, we will consider a letter from a family friend/relative as long as we can confirm relationship.

Assistance Distribution

- Once a player is approved for KidsPlay Registration Assistance, a cheque will be sent to the applied association. - Please allow up to 21 days for a decision once the application has been received by BC (Minor) Baseball 

Approval Process 
Parent/Guardian will be notified within 7 days of decision. If the application is approved, a letter will be sent to the Parent/Guardian as well as the applied association.  

BC (Minor) Baseball respects your privacy. The application will be processed in confidence and Information will only be accessed as required by provincial and national sport governing bodies. 

BC Baseball Kid's Play Application Form


Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program is designed to help families in financial difficulty fund sporting activities for their children. Maximum funding per child per year is $300 and organized baseball qualifies under the program.
All applications are made directly through Jumpstart by calling 1 877 616 6600.

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