1. All League sponsorships shall be the responsibility of the Sponsorship Coordinator. League sponsorship revenues are an important and integral part of OMBA budgeting each year. Potential new sponsors should be referred to the Sponsorship Coordinator.

 2. All sponsors are to be contacted before the start of the season by the Sponsorship Coordinator to renew their sponsorships.

 3. Should the current sponsor not wish to continue their support, another sponsor on the waiting list will be approached.

 4. Sponsors will be assigned based on team affiliation and sponsor preference where possible.

 5. The current Executive Committee will set sponsorship fees.

 6. OMBA arranges for League sponsors and fees paid to be directed to general association funding. The sponsor is under no obligation to provide additional support to the team. The sponsor is already committed to making a substantial contribution to OMBA funding.

7. New sponsors should be solicited each year. Many corporations make substantial contributions to OMHA through sponsorship of teams, tournaments and other programs. The Sponsorship Coordinator will provide a list of these corporate sponsors. Teams approaching these sponsors for additional funding should be discouraged and will do so only at the discretion of the Sponsorship Coordinator. It is a better practice to offer to purchase items from our sponsors at cost for use at raffles and team events.



 All teams and participants have a responsibility to project a positive image of OMBA and their team, and minor baseball in general. Our conduct, either positive or otherwise, is a direct reflection on the sponsors that assist us each year. From time to time, parents and players are expected to help meet team and association expenses through fundraising efforts. The following guidelines will be used for all fundraising activities.

1. Direct public support can be requested for activities such as car washes, candy & product and gift certificate sales, provided they are done in “good taste.”

2. All fund raising must fallow B.C. Minor Guidelines

3. All Fundraising must be approved by O.M.B.A executive

4. All plans for team fundraising and dispersment must be approved by O.M.B.A executive.    

5. Team officials are responsible for ensuring that OMBA guidelines are followed and that all fundraising programs are well supervised and controlled by team personnel.

6. Fundraising programs should be carried out within OMBA boundaries.

7. Licenses for ticket lotteries (raffles) and other games of chance are required. Applications must be filled out and the payment of the license fee is the responsibility of the applicant. Copies of all gaming licenses submitted shall be given to the OMBA Treasurer to ensure that the licenses are signed, completed and filed with the BC Gaming Department.

8. 10 % of funds raised by these licence’s and any fundraising done under the OMBA banner will be retained as OMBA operating funds.

9. Teams may fundraise for the following purposes:

· Tournament expenses with in B.C.

· Extra Team uniforms, socks, hats and equipment. Designs and colours approved by O.M.B.A executive. 

· Team articles first aid kits.

· Travel expenses for recognized coaching staff that are not a parent of a player on the team. 

· All funds from gaming licences must be turned into OMBA. All requests for reimbursement from team accounts must be accompanied by receipt(s) for any of the above-mentioned items. OMBA will only advance money to a team for tournament registration costs. Any other expenses (bus rental, motel rooms, etc.) shall be paid for by the team. Fundraising for any other items not listed above must be approved by the OMBA Executive Committee.

· All funds raised on behalf of OMBA, whether for a particular team or for the association as a whole, are the sole properties of OMBA.

· Funds raised by a particular team shall be used for the purpose in which they are raised (Provincial championships, tournaments, etc.). In the event a team cannot attend the function the funds were raised for, the unused funds will be retained by OMBA.

· Any funds remaining in team accounts at the end of the season will be placed in the OMBA general revenue account.


See handouts for a printable version. 

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